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HNH Foundation Funding Priorities

The HNH Foundation has five funding priorities (click a priority to see the related strategies):  
HNH Foundation Grantmaking Approach
In order to amplify the impact of out grant funding, HNH Foundation prioritizes support for organizations that strive to accomplish the following:
  • Systems change that can ultimately be sustained beyond HNH Foundation funding
  • Strengthen or expand existing work and lift up an emerging field (capacity building)
  • Strengthen collaborative approaches through development of shared tools, trainings, protocols, and grantmaking
  • Demonstrate and replicate research-informed, emerging and promising practices
  • Inform and advance a foundation goal through data collection and analysis, research, or planning 
Eligible Activities
The following activities are eligible for funding. The activities are designed to support the strategies within each funding priority:
  • Planning to inform, identify, prioritize and improve health outcomes
  • Capacity building to strengthen existing services to increase or improve outcomes
  • Convening and partnership development
  • Collaborative approaches to strengthen and sustain high quality services
  • Data collection, program evaluation, research and dissemination
  • Organizational capacity building specific to an HNH Foundation funding priority/strategy
  • Organizational and field leadership development
  • Demonstration of emerging or promising practices to build the evidence base within HNH Foundation priority funding areas
  • Strategies to address racial, ethnic and socioeconomic disparities within the Foundation’s priority funding area

The HNH Foundation awards general operating support, by invitation only, to statewide agencies and organizations closely aligned with the Foundation's mission.

Application Selection Process
Each Letter of Inquiry (LOI) and application is reviewed against the criteria listed below.  The LOIs that best address the criteria for funding will be invited to submit a full application. Not all LOIs receive an invitation to submit a full application.
  • Organizational eligibility (e.g. tax exempt status)
  • The project uses a research informed or promising practice to address the strategy (if applicable)
  • The proposed project is aligned with the applicant organization mission
  • The proposed project is supported by data that demonstrates need and a rationale for the practice or innovation to be used
  • The project outcomes are realistic and measurable
  • The project activities are proportionate and achievable relative to the project budget and funding request, and the funding request is proportional to the organization’s annual operating budget and capacity
  • The organization experience and capacity to successfully implement the proposed project
  • The project serves to advance, inform or strengthen the field related to the HNH Foundation funding priority
  • If applicable, the extent to which the proposed activity can be sustained beyond the period of HNH Foundation funding.
A Note about Evidence-Based, Emerging and Promising Practices
The HNH Foundation prioritizes funding for work informed by a strong research base. This may include evidence-based practices that have undergone formal, scientific evaluation, and documentation of impact through a specific program model, as well as modifications to evidence-based practices informed by research and local context, i.e. informed by research and accompanied by an evaluation strategy. Applicants proposing emerging or promising practices or innovative approaches will be considered based on the description of the approach, and research that demonstrates the rationale for selecting the approach for the target population.
Meeting Food Guidelines
Serving food at an event using HNH Foundation grant funds? We strive to align the outcomes we seek with the investments we are making. We ask our grantees to complement our efforts by creating a culture of health and wellness in meetings and conferences - an important way to help people eat well, foster healthier work environments, and cultivate social norms around healthier choices. These guidelines provide alternatives for healthier food and beverage choices. We hope you find this helpful.      
If you have questions, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Program Director.