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Lebanon Plays

This is the next step in the City of Lebanon’s focus on providing families with playgrounds and play spaces that are specifically designed for children ages 0 – 5. With support from the HNH Foundation, “Lebanon Plays’ continues the work of “Safe Routes to Play” which seeks to improve the safety and ease of biking and walking to recreational areas for young children and their families. These videos document how stakeholders in Lebanon are helping families get from where they live to where they play.

Safe Routes to Play: Project Overview

Safe Routes to Play* seeks to improve the safety and ease of biking and walking to recreational areas for young children and their families. Watch this introductory video, featuring Nathan Miller, Executive Director, Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Regional Planning Commission, about the program’s impact in Lebanon, NH.

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Safe Routes to Play: A Community Listening Process


Safe Routes to Play: Safe & Accessible Solutions


Obesity Prevention

The HNH Foundation is funding “best practices” obesity prevention programs, with a focus on increasing the opportunities for children to walk to local parks and playgrounds, ride their bikes, and have access to healthy food,  right in their own neighborhood. Watch this video on our obesity prevention programs.


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The Need For Expanded Healthcare Coverage In NH: An Interview With Adele Woods:

An interview with Adele Woods, CEO of Coos County Family Health Services (NH), on the importance of affordable healthcare coverage, especially for families in underserved, rural areas of New Hampshire.



The Molar Express:

The Molar Express is a public health mobile dental clinic equipped to provide services typically found in any general dental practice. Our portable dental equipment allows our team to set up a professional and safe dental clinic in community locations.



Oral Health: Coos County Health Services:

The HNH Foundation has supported the oral health initiatives of Coos County Family Health Services for several years, and we're making an impact on hundreds of children, and on their families.



Manchester Healthy Corner Stores:

Tim Soucy of the Manchester NH Public Health Department discusses how the Manchester Healthy Corner Stores Program is bringing healthy eating choices and nutritional information to local grocery stores throughout the Queen City.



Celebrating 15 Years:

HNH Foundation 15th Anniversary Presentation by President Sandi Van Scoyoc


Improving Oral Health in NH:

Sandi Van Scoyoc and Nancy Martin discuss collaborative efforts between the HNH Foundation and the Oral Health Program at the NH Division of Public Health Services.


Lebanon Plays.