PolicyLink.org reports that the Healthy Food Financing Initiative (HFFI) has been included in both the Senate farm bill and the House farm bill.  Read the report online.

HNH Foundation President Sandi Van Scoyoc Announces Retirement Plans

Sandi 1 horizontalA change in leadership is coming to the HNH Foundation in Concord this spring. Sandi Van Scoyoc has announced her retirement after serving as the Foundation’s first and only President for almost 15 years. The HNH Foundation was formed as the result of the merger between Blue Cross/Blue Shield of NH and Matthew Thornton Health Plan. Incorporated in October 1997, the Foundation seeks to improve the health and wellness of New Hampshire’s population, especially vulnerable children, through grants made to community organizations throughout the state. 

Under Ms. Van Scoyoc’s leadership, the Foundation has become New Hampshire’s leading funder dedicated to increasing health and dental insurance coverage for children, promoting children’s oral health and preventing childhood obesity, with over $600,000 in grants awarded annually.

This scope of work has remained consistent over the years. According to Ms. Van Scoyoc, “I don’t see our work on insurance coverage, obesity or oral health changing any time soon. Our strategies within these goals may change as we learn of best and most promising practices, but we will continue to focus on these three priorities. There are still children without health and dental insurance coverage, without access to healthy foods and active lifestyles, and without access to preventive oral health services. We have more work to do.”

Prior to joining the HNH Foundation in 1999, Ms. Van Scoyoc served in the Office of Planning and Research at the NH Department of Health and Human Service as a Planning and Research Analyst (1995-1998), and as Program Chief at the Bureau of Maternal and Child Health (1983-1995).

HNH Foundation Board Chair Martha McLeod called Ms. Van Scoyoc “a gifted leader and a true champion of those who are underserved and often invisible, especially our young children. We truly appreciate Sandi’s commitment to the organization and the State of New Hampshire and wish her and her family well in her retirement.”

The HNH Foundation’s Board of Directors has named a Search Committee, made up of Board members Tyler Brannen, Shannon Mills, Martha McLeod, Steve Paris and Elaine Van Dyke.

The appointment of a new CEO is expected this spring.

For more information about the search process, please contact: Amy L. Lockwood, Full Circle Consulting, at 603-463-1081 or www.fullcirclenh.com

New Interactive Tool for Locating ACA Enrollment Resources in New Hampshire
In August, 2013, the HNH Foundation contracted with the Community Health Institute (CHI) to develop a Plan for Outreach and Enrollment for the NH Health Insurance Marketplace.  With this information, we have been able to identify and map healthcare coverage in NH at a local level. We can assess how many people are needed and where to help uninsured people enroll in the NH Health Insurance Marketplace. 
In December, 2013, CHI published an online, interactive tool to facilitate this process:  The New Hampshire Affordable Care Act Enrollment Resources Map. 
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HNH Foundation Donates $20,000 to NH Food Bank to Help Ease Childhood Hunger
HNH Foundation donation to NH Food BankManchester - The HNH Foundation recently donated $20,000 to the NH Food Bank to help feed hungry children this holiday season and beyond. Shown here (l to r) accepting the check is Mel Gosselin, Executive Director of the NH Food Bank, presented by Sandi Van Scoyoc,  President of the HNH Foundation with Board members Keith Ballingall and Elaine Van Dyke. 

According to Mel Gosselin, this contribution will enable the Food Bank to provide 40,000 meals and reach families in need throughout New Hampshire: “We’re really struggling this year to meet the demand; in my ten years at the Food Bank, this is the biggest shortage we’ve experienced, made worse by reductions in the SNAP (federal food stamps) program and the closings of several supermarkets that had provided so much inventory, especially protein-rich food. Childhood hunger in NH grew 30% in 2011-2012, the highest increase in any state.”

HNH Foundation Board Member Elaine Van Dyke stated that the contribution represents “a perfect moment when our mission to help vulnerable children aligned with a community need. We all seized the opportunity to really make a difference.”  Board Treasurer Keith Ballingall agreed: “This money goes directly to feed children. I’ve never felt so good about a Board decision.”
HNH Foundation-Funded Plan Presents Data on Statewide Gaps in Outreach and Enrollment Resources for the Health Insurance Marketplace
Sandi Van Scoyoc, HNH Foundation President, and J. Michael Degnan, NH Health Plan Executive Director (pictured below), hosted a recent meeting that 
kickoff event photo 10-16-2013presented new research on statewide gaps in insurance coverage, along with strategies to reach out to the uninsured and underinsured to assist them in enrolling the new NH Health Insurance Marketplace.

The HNH Foundation contracted with the Community Health Institute of Bow NH to develop a plan for outreach and enrollment for the NH Health Insurance Marketplace. Working closely with NH Health Plan, the Institute analyzed where the underinsured and uninsured reside across the state, mapped where marketplace assistors will be located and identified the areas of the state in need of more assistance with outreach and enrollment. With these data, more consumer assistance and enrollment resources can be targeted where they are needed most.

The research team also studied what other states have done to reach out to the uninsured, developing an action plan that “can jumpstart enrollment activities with a coordinated, New Hampshire-specific model to let our residents know about opportunities to gain coverage through the NH Health Insurance Marketplace, and provide one-on-one assistance, “ according to Sandi Van Scoyoc, HNH Foundation President.

Research team leader Suz Friedrich spoke about the practical, immediate impact of the plan: “This research has been instantly applied to reach 150,000 people across the state who may need help. We can give our partners, such as Bi-State Primary Care Association and Planned Parenthood of Northern New England, information about who the uninsured are at the local level and how best to reach them with direct assistance.”

Gaps include "young invincibles" and areas of Strafford, Cheshire & Hillsborough Counties
Among its key findings, the research revealed a need to increase capacity in southern NH by assigning more healthcare assisters to meet consumer demand in Strafford, Cheshire and Hillsborough Counties, as well as a need to target a segment of the population known as the “young invincibles” – including young males who often lack basic health insurance coverage.
Aaron Holman of Public Consulting Group, a consultant with the NH Health Plan, spoke about the next steps following this initial research and data analysis: “By the end of October or early November, the plan will be ready to move into Phase 1, getting assisters out into the community with education activities that can then evolve into actual registrations during Open Enrollment. With this data-driven approach, we’ll continue to assess where the uninsured are and how we can reach them by matching the demand with supply of enrollment specialists.”