HNH Foundation Steps In To Fill Void In Obamacare Outreach

HNH Foundation made an emergency grant this week of nearly $100,000 in response to a gap created by a 90% cut in government funding for promoting ACA health insurance enrollment. Marketing has been key to increase consumer awareness of where and when to enroll. In addition, marketing efforts will remind consumers about the shortened deadline for enrollment; the 2017 enrollment period has been cut from 12 to six weeks.

More than 50,000 Granite Staters enrolled in health insurance plans through the Affordable Care Act’s insurance marketplace last year.

One of the HNH Foundation’s leading priorities is to increase access to children’s health and dental coverage. Access to health insurance is essential for children to get the health care they need, most importantly preventative care.

“The Affordable Care act has been hugely successful in increasing the number of New Hampshire residents with health insurance,” said HNH Board Chair Kathy Crompton.

“We were concerned that the cut in federal funds for promotion combined with the shorter enrollment period would put many people at risk of losing their insurance coverage and we needed to do something quickly to address that.”

Kathy Crompton, HNH Board Chair

 In an emergency session, the Foundation board voted to provide $96,000 to Granite State Progress Education Fund; they are working with the New Hampshire Health Care Coalition to support statewide and targeted outreach efforts. HNH Foundation funding will be used to support paid advertising, publicity, print material distribution, and outreach at public events to those previously enrolled in the ACA marketplace and currently uninsured.

The goal is to bolster and support outreach efforts currently underway and broaden the outreach campaign to regions of the state that are not covered by other efforts. 

The NH Health Care Coalition will generate more awareness of the open enrollment period from November 1 to December 15 and drive consumers to opportunities for direct assistance to get enrolled. The group is coordinating with organizations such as Bi-State Primary Care, which has federal funding for the state’s Federally Qualified Health Centers to help enroll eligible families.

“Our mission is to improve the health and wellness of our population, most importantly our most vulnerable children,” said HNH President Gail Garceau. “Children can’t sign up for their own health insurance. Parents have to know this opportunity is available and act on it for their children to have access to health care.  It’s critically important.“

“We are thankful to the HNH Foundation for their support of this critical work, and we’re hitting the ground running to increase public awareness of the open enrollment period,” said Zandra Rice Hawkins, executive director of Granite State Progress Education Fund.

Rice Hawkins added that access to health care coverage allows families to go to the doctor when they are sick, and detect or address health problems before they become something more serious. She has assembled an extensive network of statewide advocacy and grassroots organizations working together on outreach.

“It is important for families to sign up by December 15th to ensure they have this important health coverage. We encourage people who are interested in helping to spread the word about enrolling in a health care plan to contact our office and join the statewide outreach effort,” Rice Hawkins said.

The Affordable Care Act open enrollment period began November 1 and runs through December 15.

HNH Foundation Awards $234,202 to Improve the Health of New Hampshire Children

The HNH Foundation awarded $234,202 in grants in spring 2017. The awards benefited ten health-related initiatives and projects at non-profit and community organizations across the state.  The HNH Foundation made one-year grants to address the health of New Hampshire’s youngest and most vulnerable children and their families.

Grants awarded in spring 2017 include support for promoting oral health, increasing access to locally-grown food, preventing childhood obesity, and improving capacity to help infants and young children who have experienced trauma.  According to HNH Foundation President Gail Garceau, these grants address the Foundation’s core mission: “We seek to support innovative ways to advance our funding priorities and recognize that broad, strategic collaboration is what moves our good intentions into the arena of real change.”

Grant recipients include:  Antioch University New England, Central NH Regional Planning Commission, Hunger Free Vermont, Merrimack County Conservation District, Nashua Soup Kitchen and Shelter, NH Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence, The Organization for Refugee and Immigrant Success, Turning Points Network, University of New Hampshire, and Fair Food Network.  

Click here to download the list of Spring 2017 grants.

HNH Foundation Grantee, New Futures, Expands Mission to Health and Early Childhood Policies

(Republished from New Futures press release, March 8, 2017)

New Futures, a state-wide health policy and advocacy organization, will grow their advocacy focus from substance use disorder issues to general health and early childhood policy with an expansion of their mission, to improve the health and wellness of all Granite Staters.

New Futures expansion, supported by the Endowment for Health, New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, and HNH Foundation, will center on building advocacy capacity in New Hampshire and include partnering with organizations working to advance positive health and early childhood policies in the Granite State, providing shared services, trainings, and convening power to the field.

As part of the expansion, New Futures is partnering with Civix Strategy Group to bring forward targeted campaigns around these specific issue areas. Currently, New Futures and Civix Strategy Group are focused on building up long-term advocacy through a targeted early childhood campaign known as Smart Start New Hampshire. Smart Start priorities include encouraging state-wide investments in child care, home visiting programs, and Family Resource Centers of Quality.

“Expanding into health and early childhood policies is a natural next step for New Futures, building on using our successful advocacy model in substance use disorder issues and putting it to use to benefit even more Granite Staters with proactive policies.” said Linda Saunders Paquette, President and CEO of New Futures. “We have the ability to put policy experts, coordinated communications, and community engagement behind current successful organizations and initiatives in these policy areas to increase advocacy capacity and make a bigger impact in New Hampshire than any one advocacy organization can have alone.”

As part of the expansion, New Futures is also taking on a new initiative: New Futures Kids Count, funded by the Annie E. Casey Foundation. New Futures Kids Count will focus on collecting and disseminating New Hampshire-based data and providing policy recommendations and tools to advance positive policies for Granite State children and families.

New Futures will continue to maintain its focus on substance use disorder policies, including advocating this legislative session for Five Points for New Hampshire’s Future to turn the tide on our state’s opioid epidemic.

ABOUT NEW FUTURES: New Futures is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that advocates, educates and collaborates to improve the health and wellness of all New Hampshire residents. For more information, visit new-futures.org.

Welcome New Board Members Alisa Druzba and Mel Gosselin

AlisaAlisa Druzba of Concord currently serves as the Section Administrator, NH DHHS Rural Health & Primary Care. She has over ten years of experience in managing US DHHS, Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) funded projects and coordinating the State Primary Care Office and State Office of Rural Health projects.

Alisa collaborates and consults with local, state, regional, and national stakeholders and partners to develop strategies to improve quality of care in areas that include oral health, health care workforce development, and access to rural health clinics and community health centers.

Mel 19Mel Gosselin of Manchester is the former Executive Director of the NH Food Bank. In her 13 years at the Food Bank, she oversaw a period of expansion that grew from distributing about 1.5 million pounds of food a year to more than 12 million pounds.

She served as national committee chair for Hunger Action Month, launching a national advocacy and fundraising campaign. She is the recipient of New Hampshire Business Review's 2015 Business Excellence Winner, and has been recognized for her efforts to not only feed the hungry, but to identify and eliminate the root causes of hunger.



HNH Foundation Grant Awards - 2016

The HNH Foundation awarded $580,561 in grants during its Fall 2016 program cycle, bringing the total awarded in 2016 to over $1.1 million. The awards benefited 6 health-related initiatives and projects at non-profit and community organizations across the state.  The HNH Foundation makes grants to address change to affect the health of New Hampshire’s youngest and most vulnerable children and their families. Grants awarded in Fall 2016 included  support for Families First (Seacoast area) to expand trauma support services for parents, the NH Public Health Association (statewide) on behalf of the NH Oral Health Coalition, , The Granite YMCA (Manchester) for staff training in early learning centers, and Vital Communities (Grafton and Sullivan counties) to promote access to locally-grown food at farmers markets for low income families.

According to HNH Foundation President Gail Garceau, these grants address the Foundation’s core mission: “We seek to support innovative ways to advance our funding priorities and we recognize that broad, strategic collaboration is critical to making a long-term impact in communities throughout New Hampshire. One example is a statewide grant awarded to New Futures in Fall 2016 to provide support for the NH Advocacy Hub, a new and innovation centralized organization made up of early childhood experts and advocates who can collaborate on public policy and social change.” 

Click here to download a list of all the grants made by the HNH Foundation in 2016.